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Virtual Shimsbook: inigence 3D-ShimsMaster

For the support of a properly structured planning, implementation and documentation of the matching process in the body shop our self-developed matching software is available to our customers and us in form of the 3D-ShimsMaster.

True in size car body construction thanks to inigence 3D-ShimsMaster

Dimensional deviations of components are causing dimensional deviations in the belonging assemblies. These are countered by dimensional adjustments of the joining fixtures by moving the positioning elements. In multi-stage assembly processes any single adjustment action may have an impact on a couple of other fixtures and assemblies.

Our 3D-ShimsMaster supports the matching process beginning with the acquisition of CAD part and fixture data up to the creation of a true in size car body.

Product and function features:

  • web-based app as frontend on tablet
  • pre-processing of part and fixture data depending on adjustment options
  • creation of adjustment orders with time schedule
  • defined content of adjustment orders
  • visualization of adjustment orders on tablet
  • automated calculation of adjustment orders
  • app-controlled implementation of adjustment actions
  • automated evaluation of validation term
  • automated documentation
  • automated backup

Our services:

  • online provision of the 3D-ShimsMaster
  • creation and provision of adjustment models
  • validation and initialization of adjustment models
  • implementation of matching process at customer’s site (optional)
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