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Sheet Metal Forming and Car Body Experts
with engineering and consulting competence

Object of business of inigence is the provision of engineering and consulting services in the wide areas of sheet metal forming and car body construction as well as in related sectors and technologies, including management consulting. We support our customers in Germany and across the world with our comprehensive know-how and service.

Please get an overview of our services and products:

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ini gence gmbh More than an engineering office for sheet metal forming and car body engineering

inigence means industrial intelligence. It is our motivation to every day combine anew basic knowledge, experience and innovation in order to support our customers in all questions regarding tool shop, press shop, and body shop.

inigence – The dimensional accuracy experts

The leader thread of our research, development, engineering and consulting activities is the DIMENSIONALLY ACCURATE CAR BODY.

With a view to the single body component our services extend from feasibility analyses as part of simultaneous engineering projects, through the process planning of robust and efficient manufacturing processes to the technologically quite challenging compensation of springback of stamping tools.

In addition to sheet metal forming, also hydroforming and pressure die casting is in our technological scope.

Concerning car body assemblies, the focus of our engineering activities is on simulating and analysing car body manufacturing processes with a special focus on dimensional accuracy and tolerance management.

Within our consulting activities both ramp-up support and the process optimization in running production belong to our key activities. The focus here again lies on dimensional accuracy and low cost.

Additionally, we offer own products like the inigence 3D-ShimsMaster to support the car body matching process and the inigence FlexHemTool, an adjustable hemming die, to optimize the accuracy of hemmed parts like lids, doors and fenders.

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