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Forming and Car Body Experts with engineering and consulting competence

For inigence industrial forming & car body intelligence means:
To combine technical basic knowledge, experience and innovation in such a way that both mature products as well as robust and efficient manufacturing processes can be realized.

About us

We – the chief officers and shareholders of inigence gmbh – have been managers and experts with long-time experience and a hands-on-mentality. We have a medium-sized entrepreneurial spirit and corresponding experience in process management for development of products and manufacturing systems.

By a skillful combination of:

  • basic and specialist knowledge,
  • experience and
  • innovation

we are a competent contact for our customers in the disciplines:

  • engineering,
  • advanced engineering and
  • consulting

in the fields of sheet metal forming and body manufacturing.

The central theme is the true in size car body. For this purpose, our research and development activities are focused to:

  • develop and provide algorithms, methods, and processes 
  • which help to improve the quality of components and assemblies
  • through all phases of the product development and manufacturing process.

This applies to our engineering as well as to our consulting activities.

We reach special appreciation by our customers by always reflecting our principles:


COMPETENCE is developed by our purposive qualification of our employees and the continuous development of our extensive knowledge database.

INNOVATION is the result of an improvement orientated working environment and culture and that of a close cooperation with research institutes.

STRAIGHT FORWARDNESS means for us that we are fair in our professional behaviour and don’t let us be urged to any inappropriate, unseemly, illegally or unmoral actions.

COMMITMENT means, that we document all agreements made, results, and interpretations in writing. We do not leave the interpretation of our results to our customers.

RELIABILITY means that we keep our promises and discuss any deviations near-term and comprehensible. We are loyal to our customers and partners.

We are fast and purposeful with the processing of our projects.

However, the principle applies:


We reach a high efficiency in our own processes as well as in those our of customers with the clear provision:


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