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inigence Springback Minimizationin favor of dimensionally accurate body parts

We support our customers with self-developed tools and algorithms to develop springback optimized parts which help to achieve the goal of dimensionally accurate car bodies.

Dimensional accuracy and process stability by reduced springback

Parts made from lightweight materials like aluminium and high strength steels generally suffer from a greater springback which makes them hard to be compensated in many cases.

So, we searched and found a way to optimize the part shape at an early product development stage in favor of reduced springback.
In cooperation with the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences we developed a toolbox of different approaches for topology optimization of the respective parts.

Benefits of the inigence springback minimization:

  • significant reduction of springback by up to 80% by relatively small shape changes – but not applicable on design relevant outer skin parts
  • significant simultaneous improvement of dimensional robustness – according to experience, there is a high correlation between the absolute amount of springback and its scatter

Our services

  • FEM simulation of the entire manufacturing process
  • topology optimization of the part shape based on dimensional deviations
  • FEM validation simulation of the entire manufacturing process using the optimized part shape

Springback minimization: What we need and what you get

Scope of supply (customer)

  • CAD component data
  • material data
  • customer guidelines

Scope of supply (inigence)

  • simulation based process sequence
  • proposal(s) for optimized part shape 
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