We – the managers and the partners of the inigence gmbh – are former managers and experts with long-time experience and with hands-on-mentality. We have a medium-sized enterprise minded thinking and relevant process management experience in the fields of manufacturing systems engineering and production.

Through the clever combination of

  • basic and expert knowledge, 
  • experience and
  • innovation 

we are a competent contact partner for our customers in the following disciplines: 

  • Engineering,
  • Advanced Engineering and
  • Consulting

in the area of sheet metal forming and car body manufacturing.

Here the Dimensionally Accurate Car Body represents the common thread of our doing. According to that our intensive research and development activities are focussed on

  • the development and provision of algorithms, methods and processes,
  • which have the potential to improve the dimensional accuracy, both of parts on the one hand and modules and complete car bodies on the other hand,
  • in all steps of the product development process.

This applies both to our engineering and our consulting activities.

The particular appreciation of our customers is being successfully achieved because we developed a strong sense of our own guiding principle:


Competence is being developed by the targeted qualification of our team and by the continuous development of our extensive knowledge data base.

Innovation is the result of an extremely on innovation oriented and on continuous improvement aligned working environment and culture, and of the close cooperation with research facilities.

Straightforwardness means for us that we act as a fair partner and that we let ourselves not be seduced to any actions that we consider as improper, indecent, immoral or even illegal.

Commitment means for us that we document all agreements and working results in written form and that we always interpret our working results. We do not leave it up to our customers to interpret our working results.

Reliability means for us that we stick to our commitments and that we communicate any deviations promptly and in a comprehensible way to our customers. We are loyal to our customers and to our other partners.

In the processing and execution of our projects we are extremely target-oriented and fast.

Nevertheless we follow the principle:


High efficiency both in our own and – within consulting projects – in customer processes is being achieved by following the principle